I have utilized the services of DesignLinx on two separate instances in 2017. The first instance involved performing very detailed RTL and hardware schematic design reviews. During that smooth and successful process, DesignLinx maintained good communication and great organization of their performance. Their generated report helped us to catch and resolve several circuit errors. The design is at a high maturity level today based on our collaboration on the effort.

The second instance required DesignLinx to come to Anaheim and perform complex FPGA review work (thousands of lines of HDL and several FPGA designs) in a short amount of time. We were provided with two excellent resources who again, performed at the highest level and provided us and our customers with the required review deliverables on schedule. During this time, they performed efficiently with
minimal supervision.

Overall, DesignLinx is a professional business with deep technical expertise built into their team. They provide excellent quality work at competitive costs. They have impressed me with their attention to detail, quality, and above and beyond communication. I will definitely continue to reach out to DesignLinx for future opportunities that arise.