Embedded Software Development for ARM and MicroBlaze

At one time, hardware and software could be developed in isolation, with tossing the design over the wall when your part was complete. Those days are long gone, especially with processors being embedded in the FPGA – can’t get much tighter than that. This leads to increasing complexity in generating BSPs, and the need for low level drivers to be developed for custom IP in the fabric. As a result of this we see more and more hardware/software design requirements and some of our projects that require significant development include AMP systems. We can help you navigate these roads and get the most out of your system.

We have the expertise in integrating embedded processors with FPGA cores and custom, high-performance FPGA logic. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Experts in Software Development Lifecycle
  • Optimizing interaction of embedded software to FPGA logic
  • Software & hardware co-processing & task division
  • Low-level hardware drivers and API’s
  • Co-design, co-simulation and co-verification
  • Board bring up and unit test
  • Application code written in C/C++
  • OS Support for Linux, PetaLinux, FreeRTOS, vxWorks, Xilkernel, etc.
  • U-Boot Configuration and Build
  • Linux Configuration and Build (Buildroot or Yacto)
  • SMP, and AMP Techniques and Implementation
  • HLS Logic Interfaces and User I/O Space
  • Flash File System Creation, Partitioning, and more
  • Xen Hypervisor for XynqUltraScale+
  • Simulation with QEMU

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